Delivery and returns

Delivery of your package

Packages are generally shipped within 24 to 48 hours from receipt of your payment.

Shipping and handling fees including packaging, processing and postal charges. They may be made up of fixed and variable amounts, depending on the price or weight of your order. We recommend that you combine your purchases into a single order. We are not able to combine discrete orders into a single order for dispatch, and you must pay the shipping and handling fees for each order. Your package is shipped at your own risk, but particular attention is paid to packages containing fragile items.

Detailed information relating to deliveries

Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer on the order form, in all countries accepted when ordering (eg, France, Europe, North America ...). If your country is not accepted, you can contact us to add eventually. The invoice is not attached to the consignment except when items are exported outsite Europe; instead, it may be printed from the customer’s account.

To allow products that have been ordered to be dispatched to the purchaser, REUSABLE-PODS.COM has chosen La Poste, the French Post Office, as a preferred supplier, using:
- COLISSIMO or CHRONOPOST for tracked delivery within 96 hours;
- Tracked Letters (72 to 96 hour deliveries)
In order to reduce the overall time taken for items to be delivered following placement of the order,

items are delivered to the purchaser by mail at the purchaser’s home address.
When items are sent by Colissimo or Chronopost, if the purchaser or recipient of the goods is not at home at the time of delivery and a note is left, the purchaser may retrieve the goods from the nearest post office, albeit with a delay compared to Chronopost or Colissimo services.
Colissimo, Chronopost and tracked letter services can be monitored via the internet to see the status of the customer’s order, and whether or not it has been delivered.

- Delivery problems:
The purchaser is responsible for verifying the state of the packaging and its contents upon delivery in the presence of a representative of the postal service. If the purchaser has any concerns whatsoever in relation to the condition of the package or its contents, the purchaser must:

- submit an incident report to the representative of the postal service or courier;

- notify any such incident to REUSABLE-PODS.COM via the free, online customer service using the web interface available at the following address: within two working days, setting out the nature of the claim or identified defect. In the event that the procedure described above is not followed, no claims will be accepted.

- Problems relating to quality or conformity:
In the event that a product is delivered that does not conform to the order that was placed (whether it is defective or otherwise not according to specification), the purchaser shall submit a claim within three working days following signature of the delivery counterfoil.

Claims must be submitted via the free online customer service team using the interface available at the following address: and must contain:

The purchaser’s contact details
The relevant invoice number
The product reference
The reasons for the claim

Products must be returned by the purchaser within seven working days from the date of delivery.

If items are not received within this period, REUSABLE-PODS.COM will not deal with any exchange or refund for any product ordered.

Any product to be exchanged or refunded must be returned in its original packaging and must contain the entire product including any accessories in perfect resalable condition, except where the product delivered is not the same as the product ordered. Upon presentation of evidence, return postage costs will be refunded to the purchaser by REUSABLE-PODS.COM up to a maximum of the current price of a tracked Colissimo package or €10 inclusive of tax, whichever is less.

In the event of any failure to comply with the process set out above within the timescales indicated, the purchaser shall not be entitled to bring any claim in respect of any non-conformity or manifest defect in relation to the products supplied, and such products shall be deemed to be in accordance with the order placed and free of manifest defects.

- Non-receipt of orders:
Claims may only be brought in respect of orders sent by tracked mail (Colissimo, Chronopost or tracked letter). An e-mail confirmation of dispatch, containing the tracking number of the package, will be sent to the purchaser by REUSABLE-PODS.COM at the time of dispatching the order (if sent by Colissimo, Chronopost or tracked letter).

The purchaser is therefore responsible for monitoring the progress of the order via the courier’s site. Any claim for non-receipt shall be brought within ten working days following dispatch of the order. No claims can be handled after expiry of this period.

- Delivery times:
Except for the time taken to prepare your order and dispatch it from REUSABLE-PODS.COM’s warehouse, delivery times are the responsibility of the courier selected.
Indicative delivery times in respect of each courier are set out above. REUSABLE-PODS.COM shall not be held liable for any delay on the part of any courier.

The order to dispatch the goods is given by REUSABLE-PODS.COM following receipt of the full amount of the order price. Applicable time periods are provided for information purposes only and no claim for damages or interest shall arise if this period is exceeded.

REUSABLE-PODS.COM undertakes to indicate the latest date by which it commits to delivering the goods no later than the date the contract is entered into and, in the event that no such date is indicated, REUSABLE-PODS.COM shall be deemed to be obliged to deliver the goods or perform the services with immediate effect upon entry into the contract. In the event that the schedule is not met, the customer shall be entitled to cancel the sale in accordance with the conditions set out at the second and sub-clauses of article L.114-1, and shall receive a refund in accordance with the conditions of article L. 121-20-1, but may opt instead to receive an exchange for an equivalent product that is available at an equivalent price.

In the event of any dispute, and in accordance with the provision of article L 121.20.3 of the “Code de la Consommation” (the French Consumer Code) products that are ordered shall be delivered no later than thirty days from the date of placing the order, subject to full payment of the price.

In the event that the goods have not been delivered within this period, the purchaser shall be entitled to cancel the order and to receive a full refund without delay, and such refund shall represent the purchaser’s sole remedy.

In the event that the product ordered is no longer available, replacement by an equivalent product or a refund shall be offered to the customer.