Article 1 - Application of the conditions
The seller is defined below as being the online store REUSABLE-PODS.COM, a trading name of the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM, whose headquarters are located at the following address:

5 La Cornicaillerie

Company registered in the Trade and Company Register (RCS) of Coutances under the number 879 790 087 and the buyer is defined below as being the company or signatory person accepting the present conditions of sale.

The buyer states to have the capacity to contract into the conditions described hereafter, that is being of the legal age and not being under tutelage or legal guardianship.The buyer states to have read the present general conditions of sale before placing the order.

The general conditions of sale apply exclusively to all sales conducted by the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM. The seller is only committed to any other condition after written confirmation on their part. The mere fact of placing an order or of accepting an offer from the seller includes the complete acceptance of the present general conditions. Any condition not conforming to our general conditions which the buyer may express will be rejected unless we have specifically recognized its applicability in writing.

The present general conditions can be modified at any time without advance warning by the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM, with the modifications then applicable to all previous orders.
Article 2 – Orders
Orders are effective as of the date of the receipt of payment.

Orders sent directly by the buyer or those which are transmitted by agents representing the seller only commit the seller when they have been accepted in writing. Any order modification and any additional or derogation condition relating to the object and to the terms and conditions of the sale are only valid insofar as they feature in the offer or the confirmation made by the seller.

Any sales offer is subject to the availability of stock. Nevertheless, if despite the vigilance of the seller concerning their stock, the products turn out to be unavailable after the buyer's order, the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM commits to inform you of it at the earliest opportunity, and will allow you to cancel or to modify your order.

In the case of payment of the buyer's order already being debited by the seller, and where no modification of the aforementioned order seems to be possible, the buyer will be immediately reimbursed within no more than 30 days from making the payment.

Any clause coming from the buyer, not accepted in writing by the seller, which opposes the present general conditions or the particularities defined in the price offer will be disregarded. Any unilateral order cancellation must be accepted by the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM.
Article 3 – Price
The site's prices are given in euros. They are applicable upon the validation of the order by the consumer and do not include the delivery fees, billed separately, and indicated before the final validation of the order form. Our product and price offers are valid as long as they are visible on the site, subject to available stock.

In the case of products showing delivery delays and not being shown as "In Stock", they are valid subject to availability from our suppliers. The indications of product availability are then provided from the time of the execution of your order. As this information comes directly from our suppliers, errors or modifications can arise in exceptional cases.

In the case of promotional codes, they may not be accrued and only one may be used per order.
Article 4 – Payment
All orders are payable in euros. The payment of the entire price must be effected upon the buyer's order. The sums paid can never be considered to be deposits or part payments.

In order to pay for their order, the buyer may use any of the payment methods shown in the centre of the order form: bank card (credit card, Mastercard, Visa), paypal, hipaywallet, cheque or bank transfer.

The buyer guarantees to the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM that they dispose of the eventually necessary authorisation to use the chosen payment method upon the registration of the order form.

The company REUSABLE-PODS.COM reserves the right to suspend or to cancel any order and/or delivery, whatever their nature or level of execution, in the case of non-payment of any sum owed by the buyer, or in the case of a problem with the payment.

Charges of a sum equal to the legal interest rate plus five percent are legally applicable to unpaid amounts after a lapse of ten days following the billing date or as soon as notified of a rejected bank payment for any other payment method. Delivery of any new order can be suspended in the case of the late payment of an earlier order and will be notwithstanding of the terms of the present conditions.
Article 5 – Choice of Items
The buyer, having carefully read the information about the products and their properties, marketed by the society REUSABLE-PODS.COM, has under their responsibility alone and according to their needs as they have been previously determined before any order, chosen the product or products involved in the order. Moreover, the buyer is the only one who knows the accessories, accessory packs, detached items, software and others, that they use, and is therefore the only judge of the compatibility of the ordered products with those used by them.

It is exclusively the responsibility of the buyer, if they do not believe themself to be suitably competent, to find an advisor.
Articles 6 – Delivery
See the following page Delivery
Article 7 – Reservation of Ownership
In accordance with the law of 12 May 1980, the transfer of ownership of the merchandise delivered to the buyer will only take place after payment in full of the entire purchase price (including all related costs) or the cashing in of accepted cheques or of other payment methods issued to settle the price.

In the period between delivery and transfer of ownership, the risk of loss, theft or destruction is the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer's failure to execute their payment obligations, for whatever reason, gives the seller the right to demand the immediate return of delivered merchandise at the expense, risk and danger of the buyer.
Article 8 – Right of Withdrawal
The right of withdrawal applies uniquely to the consumer. The professionals are not concerned with the right of withdrawal.
In accordance with the article L121-20 of the Consumer Code, the buyer has a period of fourteen clear days from the date of receipt, to return at their expense, risk and danger, the ordered products, for an exchange or refund. It is imperative that the products are returned to the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM in a perfect resaleable condition and in their original state (packaging, accessories, instructions…).

Under the terms of the article L.121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, the return period of fourteen (14) days does not apply to contracts of personalised services.

So as to allow the better tracking of the buyer's file, the buyer must inform the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM in advance through the intermediary of its online customer service platform before returning the merchandise.

In the case of a request for a refund from the customer. In accordance with articles L121-20-1 to L121-20-7 of the Consumer Code, the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM has a maximum period of fourteen days from the date the products are returned to reimburse the customer.

In the case of a product being returned to us in worn, damaged or previously used packaging, REUSABLE-PODS.COM reserves the right to apply the repackaging fees of the product at a sum of 10% of its value upon purchase with a minimum of €10 per item, or even to refuse the refund.
Article 9 – After Sale Service
Whatever the item concerned, the customer must initiate a request for return with customer service by email, by the contact page, or by telephone on +33.960538133 (french number, french speaking) to have the written authorisation of the after sale service accepting the return.

Any product return must include a copy of the bill as well as a letter explaining the fault.
Any return must be undertaken with prepaid postage.
The shipping costs and risks of return remain the customer's responsibility.
It is advised to insure shipments to the value of the product invoice.

Returns are to be made to the address indicated in point 1 of these general conditions of sale.
The client will be informed by email of the progress of the processing of their return.
Article 10 – Limitation of Liability
The company REUSABLE-PODS.COM cannot be held responsible in the case of a lapse in these contractual obligations in the case of stock shortage or product unavailability, due to exceptional cases and acts of God such as, and not limited to, disasters, total or partial strikes, fires, floods, breakdown or failure in materials, in forms of transport, in communication or because of the actions of the buyer.

The company REUSABLE-PODS.COM cannot be held responsible for any indirect damages due to the present conditions, loss of data or of files, operating loss, loss of profit, damages or expenses, which could arise due to buying the products. It is the buyer's responsibility to take all necessary measures in advance.

Hypertext links can lead to other sites than that of the seller, thus, the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM is not liable in the case that the content of these sites breaks the legal and regulatory terms in effect.

Subject to what is authorised by law, the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM provides the site REUSABLE-PODS.COM and its content on an "as is" basis, and makes no declaration or guarantee of any sort, explicit or implicit, about the site REUSABLE-PODS.COM, its functioning, or its content.
Article 11 – Termination Clause
In the case that the buyer does not comply with one of the buyer's obligations, the sale will be cancelled in accordance with the law and the merchandise will be returned to the seller, without prejudice to any damages or interest that the seller could enforce with regards to the buyer, within a 7 day period after formal notice.
Article 12 – Freedom of Information
The information collected by the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM upon any order from the buyer is necessary for the seller to manage the order.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act no.78-17 of 6 January 1978, the buyer has the right to access, rectify, oppose and suppress data which concerns them in the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM.

The company REUSABLE-PODS.COM commits to not pass on or sell the buyer's data to other organisations or businesses. The buyer can only be informed of the offers from the company REUSABLE-PODS.COM.