Your savings thanks to REUSABLE-PODS.COM

With Nespresso's original capsules

Based on the "Espresso" capsules which are the least expensive ones sold on the Nespresso site, one coffee will cost you €0.35.

Capsules Nespresso

With L'Or compatible capsules

Sold for €3.05 for a box of 10 at Carrefour, that is €0.30 per coffee.

Capsule L'Or

Café malango

With refillable REUSABLE-PODS.COM capsules

Ten capsules are sold for €14.90, that is €1.49 per capsule which allows you to refill 100 times on average. That means €0.0149 per coffee.

If you add Malango coffee to this, for example, which is sold for €3.05 per 250g at Carrefour. This corresponds to 62 doses, so €0.049 per dose of REUSABLE-PODS.COM coffee.

This makes a total of €0.06 per coffee!

To summarise

Nespresso capsules: €0.35 per coffee

L'Or capsules: €0.30 per coffee

REUSABLE-PODS.COM: €0.06 per coffee

That is 83% less expensive than Nespresso capsules!